Jeanne Marie Geiling


 PhD Student – FPI Fellowship


Research interest

  • Archaeozoology

Since January 2014 I enjoy a predoctoral researcher training grant (FPI) at the “Instituto Internacional de Investigaciones Prehistóricas de Cantabria” (IIIPC). My research focuses on the archaeozoology discipline, which studies and interprets the relationship between animals and human hunter-gatherer groups in the past.

I graduated at the University of Tübingen (Germany) with a major in Prehistory, Early History, Medieval Archaeology and a minor in Paleoanthropology. My master degree, which I obtained at the same university, was specialized in Archeozoology. For my M.Sc. thesis I studied the faunal material from the Middle to Upper Palaeolithic site of Hohlenstein in the Lone valley, Swabian Jura (Germany).

For my dissertation I will reconstruct the diet, subsistence strategy and paleoeconomic behaviour of hunter-gatherer groups before, during and after the Last Glacial Maximum in the Cantabrian refuge. To accomplish this, I will analyse the faunal remains from the period of Lower Cantabrian Magdalenian levels in El Mirón cave (Ramales de la Victoria, Cantabria) in comparison to the Solutrean and Gravettian levels, as well as other contemporary Northern Iberian sites. In addition, I will examine the anthropogenic changes through detailed analysis in taphonomy and faunal remains. These informations will be used to established diachronic comparisons and help to interpret how these late Pleistocene groups adapted their lifestyle to changing paleoenvironmental conditions. In order to strengthen the archeozoological interpretations additional research based on stable isotope analysis on bones from hunted animals of chosen archaeological contexts. Ultimately, this study aims to reconstruct the evolution of economic behaviour of hunter- gatherer groups during the Upper Palaeolithic.

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